We have helped more than 5000 clients transform their lives through our weight loss fitness and nutrition program. Some of our clients before and after pictures speaks volumes about the results they have achieved with us.



Parita Patira

Head of Foundation for a School, UAE

Can't thank FHY enough for all the health benefits I received in the past 12 weeks of my journey with them. The personal connect that they have with every individual is simply amazing! It's like a miracle to witness your health improving so drastically without a single medicine! Great going FHY Team...you guys rock !!!


Homemaker, QATAR

I was searching for yoga teachers when FHY announced they are starting online yoga sessions. I am extremely happy with the way Smita and Leeba undertake the sessions where in one of them models and the other explains, observes and corrects. They guide us with utmost sincerity and genuineness. I am calmer, my posture has improved and almost free from my joint pains too.

Nisha Jayanarayanan

Homemaker, Doha

It was during the first covid, I started sitting at home and gained weight. To offset idleness I started with FHY's quarantine Workout. Later I joined the FHY group program. The journey was really amazing I could lose up to 10 kg (81 kg to 71 kg).

Dipti Narang

IT Professional, INDIA

A perfect class of Sun and Moon Salutations to end our online yoga journey of this year. Feeling so so grateful to FHY for helping me come out stronger after Covid. I was mentally and physically drained but now I feel so much at peace and ready to take my game to next level. Loads of love to Leeba and Smita for being the guiding light throughout this journey.

Nishit Alva


Can’t Thank you enough for the support you have given me during the past 12 weeks. My weight loss journey was a very successful one and loosing these 12 kgs felt easy on me. In these 12 weeks I have learnt a lot about better eating habits. Everyone is mesmerized seeing me now... Everyone has a compliment for me now... Feels really great. My fitness levels have increased to a considerable level. Thank you again Amee, Surbhi, Leeba and Smita...

Anila Viswambharan,

IT Professional, USA

I joined the FHY family for my "fitness" journey but I discovered in the past year that it is also a safe space where there are no judgments. I found a lot of positive energy, smiles and most importantly strong shoulders to lean on. While I am proud that I've grown stronger physically, that my aches and pains have disappeared and I'm doing things I couldn't do in my 20s, I am also proud of this team that cheers everyone alike and leaves no woman behind.